Burkhard Beschow: Fleckenstein

Many different cities lie scattered on either side of the roadway, where trucks speed by on their way to deliver goods. They seem barely more than a dull and sad shimmer in passing by. One has been to these cities before, although never actually getting out of your cab doesn’t really count as visiting—so in fact one has never been there at all. Cities‘ names we’ve heard before… define the outline of the path leading to true destinations.
It’s easy to imagine these cities‘ ugly street corners, where the plaster is crumbling and the old bricks are disintegrating. Dark walls and alleys, where old people push themselves forward, walking stick first. Moldy bread lying around.
But in fact, these places are unthinkably clean and tidy, with small swept landings and plucked weeds. With neatly raked lines decorating the fine dirt along the sidewalks. A peek into a deep-set window reveals a downright domineering orderliness as opposed to earlier times, of which now only black and white images remain.

Date(s) - 25/09/2015 - 03/10/2015
12:00 am

The Museum
Zschochersche Str 2B


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